Redesigning SOLID landing page

Project Info

The client for this project is one of IT consultant in Indonesia. They feel that their website is a bit plain and I was asked to improved the design. Their webpage consist of several elements such as: their past works and clients, career page, and basic information about the company such as adress and company culture.
The deliverable was the design (images, design element) and their engineers will develop the code based on the design.

  • Status : Done
  • 1 Designer


First Impression Matter

Because, let's face it: we live in a world where people google before they shop, people check reviews before they use products or services. In short: first impression matter. Beginning from the company's website, potential clients are making judgement if they want to use the company's service or product. This also applies for Solid's case.

Solid, an Indonesian IT Company start-up, has already has enough information in their webpage that explain to potential clients what they do and how the make things. It's important to organize those information and create a visual appeal to the potential customer because customers tend to develop their initial level of trust based on superficial elements, like design. By redesigning the visual, we would like to convert those potential clients to actual clients.

Communicating with Stakeholders

I feel that in this project it's a bit hard to comunicating with my client. My client is not based in Japan and I find it a bit hard finding the perfect time to sit and discuss about the needs and design direction.
Here's the Solid's webpage before redesign. It consists of 5 pages: Home, Work, Career, About, Contact.
I feel some of the pages (career page and about page) lack of visual element and the visitors need to navigate to several pages just to get basic info about the company.

Solid Webpage before Redesign
  1. Some of the pages, like career and about pages lack of visual elements and too wordy.
  2. I don't think there's a need to spread company information accross several pages, especially if there's not so much information on it.

Creating Identity

Clear typography and color builds company's impression as well. Considering that most of Solid's client are both "serious" and "playful" industries I use more neutral colors.

Solid Webpage Branding

Final Product

My idea was to separated the pages into 3 parts: top-page, works-detail, and career page. I had finished the top page and handed in to the owner and waiting for his feedback.
However, it's currently on hold because there're a lot of clients at the moment and they simply do not have the resource to redesign at the moment.

Final Product

Learned Lesson

I can't really say much because the project is not 100% done yet, I learned something much more than design, which is time management and communication especially when my client is 4808kms away from my location.
I upload the prototype on framer cloud and it's help to explain my design to the client and it's also easier to understand his feedback.